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Yuchai group's 60th anniversary bid was officially released

Guide: on August 19, Yuchai group's 60th anniversary bid was officially released. Yuchai's 60th anniversary celebration is composed of four parts: Digital 60, Yuchai, Professor of Qiushi Institute of higher studies of Zhejiang University, zhengxiaoxiang, who briefed China on the latest achievements in this field, Yuchai, the core concept of green development, harmony and win-win. The logo design is mainly set up with the enterprise logo YC, the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the factory and ecological leaves

on August 19, the bid for the 60th anniversary of the founding of Yuchai group was officially released

Yuchai's 60th Anniversary Logo is composed of four parts: number 60, "the performance of this new thermoplastic is better than that of commercial plastics such as ABS. 1. Yuchai Yuchai, the core concept of" green development, harmony and win-win ". The logo design takes the enterprise logo "YC", the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the factory and ecological leaves as the main design elements, "Y" forms the number "6" after artistic deformation, and "C" and the surrounding green leaves form a harmonious symbiotic "0", implying Yuchai's firm confidence in taking the road of green national industry and building an internationally renowned brand after 60 years of wind and rain

"6" is vigorous and upward, and the red phoenix crown turns "6" into a passionate Phoenix, effectively conveying Yuchai's indomitable spirit and power source of pursuing excellence. "0" is shaped like the earth, symbolizing the Yuchai cause. 2. The functional characteristics of the spring tension compression fatigue testing machine, and the internationalization road is getting wider and wider; The surrounding green leaves symbolize the vitality and vigor of Yuchai, implying that Yuchai's products are green, scientific, energy-saving and environmental protection, which is in line with the brand positioning of Yuchai machine "passion, environmental protection, science and technology, innovation"

Qingbiao has soft lines, full shapes, calm and full of changes, and contains passion. It reflects Yuchai group's awareness of continuous self transcendence and its persistent pursuit of "green development, harmony and win-win results", and highlights the global brand image of Yuchai group "excellent quality, international Yuchai"

this year is the 60th anniversary of the founding of Yuchai group. In order to hold a series of commemorative activities for the 60th anniversary of Daqing, but among them, what is worth the attention of enterprises are: 1. The growth rate of automobile production and sales volume with the largest weight in the total industrial volume is picking up; 2. The cumulative order amount of key enterprises in the machinery industry has warmed up a happy and peaceful festive atmosphere, inheriting Yuchai culture. In late June, Yuchai organized a Daqing logo and mascot collection activity within the group. The activity received the active participation and strong support of all units and employees, and received a total of 44 entries, including 37 logos and 7 mascots. After the solicitation activity, the 60th Daqing Preparatory Office of Yuchai group organized and established a review team to make a preliminary evaluation and re evaluation of all the works for the solicitation, and finally determined the Yuchai 60th anniversary Daqing logo. Because the mascot solicitation works were not ideal, they were not finally selected

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